🌺Petal Power Bundle🌺

🌺Petal Power Bundle🌺

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Petal Power Herbal Yoni Oil 🌺 1oz: created with a blend of essential oils, coconut oil infused with herbs 🌿 known to be antibacterial, stimulating, sweet tasting 😜, and moisturizing.

Great for: preventing vaginal dryness, and fighting vaginitis and infections! Can be used as a bath oil, vaginal lotion and also as an intimate lubricant 😍🤩

Application: A few drops of oil can be applied daily to yoni and various parts of the body after a shower/bath. As a lubricant: Use the dropper directly or apply a few drops to your fingertips and massage the inner lips and the opening of the Yoni 🌺  For bath oil: Fill dropper with oil and squirt into running water for a refreshing bath

Petal Power 🌺 Yoni Wipes Pack of 30: 100% cotton pads saturated in yoni oil/spring water blend. Refresh your yoni, your bottom or even your under arms and under boob before bed!

Great for:  moisture to prevent vaginal dryness, fight vaginitis and infections! 

Vegan friendly! 💚 

‼️‼️ All orders are handmade at request and may take up to 14 business days to ship‼️‼️ 
Thank you for your patience as each product is created and made with love ❤️ 

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I love the way these products keep me feeling and smelling fresh

Petal Power

Both of these products are a must have! They keep you feeling clean and fresh all day long. This bundle is amazing!!


🌺Petal Power Bundle🌺